Review of Singapore Airlines First Class A380 Singapore – Hong Kong

Singapore Airlines
Singapore (SIN) – Hong Kong (HKG)

Flight number: SQ856
Aircraft: Airbus A380-800
Departure: 9:55 am (local time)
Arrival: 1:35 pm (local time)
Duration: 3h 40min
Seats: (First Class)

“Just a dream flight”

We travel a lot, we tried several First Classes on board of different aircraft and miscellaneous Arabic, Asian and European companies, but this flight will stay in our memory for a long time!

We had a chance to travel with Singapore Airlines and its First Class on board of A388 with Suites configuration that provides separate apartment for each passenger. We are travelling together, so we had even more comfort! We had a huge room with a real double bed, as FAs removed the wall between our two suites.

Before we tried also famous Etihad Suites and thought that they provide as much comfort as possible, but flying with Singapore First Class Suites is a dream of every traveller in our opinion!

1. Airport time

Let’s start from the beginning! First of all, we started from a separate Check-in area for First Class passengers. It looked like a separate terminal, where we entered the airport and made our check-in, dropped off the luggage and got lounge invitations.

Right near that Check-in area there was a big “SilverKris” lounge. This lounge takes different classes passengers, both Business and First, but we’ve got even better option. The lounge has a special zone for Singapore Airlines First Class passengers, who start the journey from Singapore, meaning if you are a First Class passenger of Singapore Airlines, but just have a transfer there, you’d not be allowed to visit that zone.

Actually, it was not the best First Class Lounge, we have ever met. Yes, it was very good, spacious, had a great design, but nothing special. In the restaurant zone there was a small buffet with snacks and two menu cards provided, one of which offered mostly Asian dishes and the other one had all the European breakfast choices (our visit was during the early morning).

Probably we expected a bit more from Singapore Airlines First Class Lounge, maybe complimentary massage session, or some cool sleeping rooms or maybe gym and working space, like we once met in Lufthansa First Class Lounge in Munich, but the flight itself compensated everything!

2. Flight time

Our boarding was pretty fast, as the priority lane worked well. As soon as we entered the aircraft, the crew combined two suites together for us and brought us welcome drinks and refreshing towels. We told them from the beginning that we prefer sleeping first and then would have a breakfast.

Our flight was almost four hours, so we had enough time to enjoy that unbelievable comfort and get pleasure from the trip. Two things that we noticed first were the size of suites and friendliness of the crew. To say that we impressed by the comfort, which Singapore Airlines provide to its passengers means to say nothing. We had a real apartment on board of the aircraft.

2.1. Suite tour

As you enter the suite, there is a wardrobe, where you can storage your clothes, there are hangers, bag for clothes (to use it when you go changing and need to bring your clothes back to apartment), slippers and eye mask. In case of a long haul flight they also provide a pyjama and amenity kit.

Then you have a table, which would be transformed into real big table for meal service, but by the time of take off it has a fresh flower and menu on it. Next thing, one of the most important, is your seat. This seat looks amazing, it can be not only reclined, but also turned into 360 degrees! Seat itself provides three control panels, one of which is touch screen and it can turn and recline the seat, change position of bigger TV screen and manage windows. Another panel with buttons also manage the seat, windows and suite privacy. The last one is a remote control for TV.

On windows side, there are different storages for personal belongings, where one of small storages has a window. Also, there is one more control panel for windows, TV, lights in suite and privacy. Above these buttons, there is a panel with different slots, such as USB, sockets, etc. And even more above there are noice-cancelling headphones. A bit aside there is a big shelf for personal bag for example.

The next side of the suite, where the wall is supposed to be, has nothing, but small TV, which is in case of one suite went down together with the wall and in case of another suite is located the opposite wall. But it is not a problem at all, as on the other small wall, near the entrance, there is a big TV screen which can be moved into different positions with the help of one of remote controls or special buttons.

A small border between two suites, where the wall is supposed to be, later transforms into double bed, which we ordered right after the take off.

2.2. Bed

Bed on board of Singapore Airlines is the best one we have ever tried on board of aircraft, as it is a real double bed, not 180 degrees reclined seats, but a real bed with no border between two passengers at all! It was super comfortable and just the best onboard sleep ever!

2.3. Lavatory

We had the most friendly crew, which kindly asked us to have a breakfast, as pilot told about upcoming turbulence. We woke up and went to lavatories to clean up. There were two big lavatories with no shower, but lots of space and all the necessary amenities.

Both lavatories provided dental and shaving kits, sanitary napkins, wet towels, hair brushes, lotions, facial tonics and so on. The good thing about the lavatory is that it provided a dressing table where you can clean up with comfort!

2.4. Meal service

Refreshed a little bit, we started our breakfast. We liked the menu a lot, as inspire of Asian countries from where to where we travelled, it provided many European options (We also had an experience with Singapore Business Class flight from Mumbai to Hong Kong, where we were offered only Asian dishes for 6 hours flight).

We decided to start from fresh fruits appetisers and fresh pastry, where all of them were really fresh and tasty. We also tried musli with yoghurt, but it was simply not in our taste. For the main course we both chose eggs, one of us took plain and the other one took it accompanied by salmon and potato frittata. Later we also decided to check mango dessert which was also great.

What we understood, not just the quality of food, seats comfort and provided amenities make the flight great. It is also about the airline staff. We noticed that when the cabin crew is friendly and helpful, we have much better impression about the flight. This time the crew was perfect. Even drinking coffee and dripping a tiny drop of it on a table, FA was in a hurry to come and clean it.

3. Impression

We had the best flight in life so far! We decided to drink a glass of champagne before landing for it! As you may notice, we were not impressed by Singapore Airlines ground service, but we were more than impressed by its onboard comfort. We experienced sleeping together, like onboard of a personal jet and enjoyed the most friendly cabin crew service.

We are also in love with Etihad First Class Suites, as it provides also shower and their own advantages, but probably the suites space and double bed impressed us even more!

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