Review of LOT Business Class Embraer 175 Warsaw – Sofia

Warsaw, Poland (WAW)  – Sofia, Bulgaria (SOF)

Flight number: LO631
Aircraft: Embraer 175
Departure: 10:55 am (local time)
Arrival: 2:05 pm (local time)
Duration: 2h 10min
Seats: (Business Class)

“Just a standard European Embraer Business Class”

One day we tried Poland flag carrier LOT from its hub airport in Warsaw, flying to Sofia, Bulgaria. It was a good Business Class for European company, starting from Airport lounge.

1. Airport time

We started the journey from LOT Business Lounge that was actually pretty good. It was an early morning and very few passengers in there. The lounge itself was big and new, there were different sitting areas, both more private and more live closer to buffet.

There were two food zones, which were the same and provided a great variety of breakfast meals. It was a choice of fresh pastry, yoghurts, fruits and vegetables, salads, cheeses and different sweet snacks.

There were also clean restrooms and even a shower. We didn’t spent a lot of time there, as we went for boarding, which didn’t have a priority lane, so we were waiting for all the passengers to enter the plane, not to wait in line.

2. Flight time

To say from the beginning, we liked the flight. It was a morning flight, no other passengers in Business Class cabin, which had configuration 2-2 in 1,5 rows. We were sitting separately to be able to nap a bit after the meal service.

As soon as we entered the aircraft we were offered a choice of welcome drinks – water or orange juice and salty snacks – carrot chips or nuts.

2.1. Seats

Our seats were comfortable with recline button and lots of leg space, as we were sitting in the first row. Also we asked for a blanket and pillow.

2.2. Meal service

Actually, we didn’t like the food itself, as it was not tasty. There was no menu provided and we were offered a meat starter, chickpea salad and bread with butter and Nutella. But we really liked our FA, as she was very friendly and helpful, asking to bring more coffee of chocolate bar from Economy Class if we want.

2.3. Lavatory

The lavatory was small, but very clean, which was not a surprised as there was no other passengers in Business Class.

3. Overall impression

We liked the company and service provided! We can recommend it as a good quality Business Class for European company.

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