Review of Bulgaria Air Business Class Embraer ERJ 190 Sofia – Paris

Bulgaria Air
Sofia, Bulgaria (SOF) – Paris, France (CDG)

Flight number: FB431
Aircraft: Embraer ERJ 190
Departure: 7:10 am (local time)
Arrival: 9:00 pm (local time)
Duration: 2h 50min
Seats: (Business Class)

“Small doesn’t mean bad”

Bulgaria Air is European airlines company, which is not really popular, so you may have not even heard about it, but we do fly with this company from time to time, as it often offers reasonable prices for its good quality flights (you can check more Bulgaria Air review on the web site).

We are ok with both Business and Economy flights by this company. Usually, aircrafts are pretty old, but the service is not bad. This time we chose Business on board of Embraer 190. The flight was 3 hours flight from Sofia to Paris, as a transfer flight before the big one from Paris.

The key word transfer, as we almost missed our next flight because of this flight delay. Unfortunately, delays are frequent in practice of this company, which is probably the main problem of Bulgaria Air, but let’s start from the beginning.

1. Airport time

We came to the airport not really early, just leaving 15 minutes for lounge to check. We have already been in the lounge provided by Bulgaria Air in Sofia Airport, so we went there just for a quick inspection.

The lounge is probably the best one from three available in Sofia Airport, as it is the newest one. There is a buffet with small snacks and a bar. There is no real food, which is not a problem in our opinion, as in that airport, there are no long transfers.

After the lounge we went for boarding, hoping immediately reach our seats, but it was a line in the corridor, unfortunately. We came to our places in a few minutes and asked for blankets, as it was super cold inside. Later we asked more blankets, as the aircraft was really cold after a night without movements and we had a long delay because one passenger, during the hand luggage control, randomly exchanged laptops with a passengers from different flight. We were freezing at the aircraft for hour for sure and finally went for de-icing procedure before the flight.

2. Flight time

This flight to Paris usually takes about 3 hours, but as we were already disappointed because of delay, all our thoughts were about the next flight missing and variants of its change.

2.1. Meal time

As soon as we took off, the cabin crew started a meal service, but one of us fell asleep and skipped it. One of us were offered breakfast, which was very good. It consisted of Bulgarian pastry with white cheese, cold meat appetiser, vegetables with cheese and some sweet thing.

Another one missed the breakfast and asked for coffee later and got not only coffee, but also a delicious cheesecake in addition to coffee (cheesecake was not served for breakfast).

2.2. Cabin overlook

Configuration of this aircraft is 2-2 both in Business Class and Economy. There is no big difference between Business and Economy seats, to be honest. Just a little bit more space probably Business seats have. There are only 8 of them, which are separated by a curtain.

There are no IFE, just magazines and standard package – safety instruction card and airsickness bag, which are stowed in front of the passenger. We were sitting in the first row, so out tray tables were stowed in one of the armrests.

Seats are not bad actually and provided pillows and blankets are new and nice. As we already mentioned, the aircraft is not new and this provided comfort is super for such airplane type.

2.3. Lavatory.

Toilet is the simplest one. It was small, but clean, which is the most important quality, as we always repeat. There were three of us from 8 possible in Business Class cabin that day, so the lavatory was always free 🙂

3. Overall opinion

We were absolutely satisfied with flight comfort, we liked the cabin crew and service on board, but that time, there was a thing that spoiled the positive attention a little bit. It was a delay, which occurs pretty often last time with this airlines.

Anyway, we recommend flying Bulgaria Air, as it often has worthy flights!

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