Review of Staniel Air Cessna 208B Grand Caravan Fort Lauderdale – Staniel Cay

“Swimming pigs, sharks and more”

One day, visiting Miami for a while, we again decided to try something absolutely different. We have already had experience with very small planes, even much smaller then Cessana Caravan, but it was more for pleasure, as our flights were organised without any airlines company.

This time we chose Staniel Air for our one day trip to Bahamas. We really wanted to meet these famous unique places: Exuma island, where the swimming pigs live, sharks cay, iguana beach and thunderball grotto. Staniel Air was the best option, which organised a day trip to all the places directly from Miami, or Fort Lauderdale executive airport.

We were asked to come to the office by 6:45 am, as ay 7:30 the departure was scheduled. As Bahamas is another country, we had to stop by Andros Island, which is approximately 1h 15min away from Fort Lauderdale and maybe 20min from final destination Staniel Cay.

We came to the address by gotten navigation from Staniel Cay manager, which is not easy to find without directions, as it is a place near the executive airport, where many small companies and pilot schools are located. At the office we were offered soft drinks both cold and hot, different snacks and even fresh morning donuts and asked to fill immigration forms for Bahamas border. The office looked like a Business Lounge in small airport, similar with some American executive airports offices, which we have visited. It looked really cool!

Filled the forms, we and four more passengers together with two pilots we went to our plane, which was waiting us near the office. We we informed about important safety moments, fastened our seat belts and took of to meet the paradise island.

The plane was not very old, it looked perfect and had 2 pilots seats and 9 passenger seats, which were pretty comfortable. We quickly reached the clouds and went to Andros Island. To be honest, travelling above Caribbean islands is the most exciting and wonderful, what you can imagine! We have a big flight experience, but every time flying by small plane above these breathtaking views of turquoise pure water and white sands it excites us more and more!

In one hour and a half we reached the first island and went through the border procedure in 10 minutes. In half an hour we were already changed into swimming suits and ready for sharks and pigs adventure!

In Staniel Cay we had a speed boat waiting for us, which was quickly moving us from one place to another, moreover, it provided cool local music and included drinks and snacks.

We started from swimming with nurse sharks, where the water was pretty cold and not everybody from 6 of us decided to swim. I was not a problem, as the place was incredible itself. There are many beautiful yachts, from smallest to biggest that are interesting to observe.

The second stop was on sandbar, where were no other tourist, except one couple, so we could enjoy it fully and make great photos. Right after we asked for swimming with pigs, as we wanted to do this before lunch. We came to Exuma Island, but there were two more boats with tourists, so it was a bit crowded on that small island, but we enjoyed this phenomenon anywhere!

After swimming with pigs we came back to our first destination, Staniel Cay Yacht Club to have a lunch and continued the journey. The next stop was Thunderball Grotto, where we had snorkelling, which was a bit unusual, as you don’t feel comfortable swimming there because of the flow. But it was a cool experience!

Then we had one more place to visit, which was Iguanas beach, where were no people at all and we played with them, fed them and enjoyed the time. As it was the last stop, we again came back to Staniel Cay, changed and moved to the airport to come back to Fort Lauderdale.

This trip is absolutely worthy! You enjoy every moment of day adventure, starting from small plane flight, amazing animals and finishing with delicious lunch Yacht Club with incredible Bahamas view!

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