Review of Emirates First Class Boeing 777-300 Bali – Dubai

Bali/Denpasar, Indonesia (DPS) – Dubai, OAE (DXB)

Flight number: EK451
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300
Departure: 7:50 pm (local time)
Arrival 1:05 am (local time)
Duration: 9h 15min
Seats: (First Class)

“Excellent end of holidays”

As we already did a review for Emirates First Class on board of Boeing 777-300, it can be a bit similar with the previous one, because it was from the same route. But we can say that even the same route provides two different experiences on different aircrafts and its cabin crew.

We went for holidays to Bali and decided to double the pleasure and go there by famous Emirates luxury First Class (you can check the previous flight, following the link …). The way back was great and prolong our vacation for 9 more hours!

1. Airport time

We came to Bali/Denpasar Airport in advance, as we knew about the First Class lounge and really wanted to check it. We liked the airport, as it was big and well-constructed, but the lounge was really bad…

First of all, the lounge was mostly for Business Class passengers and worked for many airlines companies. The only thing that was made for First Class passengers was a small room with the same chairs, as in the whole lounge. It was not absolutely private, as there were no door, wall or kind of curtains.

Food was in a good variety, but its quality was very poor! It was neither fresh, nor well-cooked. There was a choice of soft and alcohol drinks, but we had no desire to try anything, as the lounge was overcrowded, dirty and the atmosphere was unpleasant.

This lounge also provided shower for guests, which was one and required a pre-order. We had time and decided to check it, we were just curious. As you can see on photos, it is really dirty, same as restroom. There are some shower amenities, but also in a poor variety, some old towels, which are already not white and have holes.

We spent some time there and went for a walk inside the terminal, as we did not like the provided lounge. Our boarding started on time and we quickly entered First Class cabin of Emirates Boeing.

2. Flight time

Entering the aircraft, the cabin crew met us with Don Perignon champagne and welcome speech. All its members passed by us, one by on, offering Arabic coffee with dates, magazines, hot towels, pouring champagne and giving us amenity kits with pyjamas and slippers.

We were in suites early and had some time before take off to check the suite space. This time we had a double suite in the middle of the cabin, just in front of Emirates logo on the wall. Our seats were spacious and super comfortable with all the necessary conveniences. But this aircraft was probably older then the previous one, as illuminators in this one were not automatic.

2.1. Suite overview

Your seat is wide and fluffy, there is much space from all the sides and you can manage everything inside by yourself. You have two remote control from the side of one arm rest, one of which controls mostly IFE and the other one helps you to control all the lightening, air conditioning, suite privacy (doors), seat massage and also IFE. Bowers Wilkins noice-cancelling headphones are also provided for your comfort.

Moreover, inside the suite you have two small storages for personal staff and a bigger one outside the suite. You also have a writing kit, which is a unique thing that distinguish Emirates First Class. There are bar and snacks basket in suite, which you can use, when the doors closed and you don’t want flight attendants disturb you.

Also, in addition to amenity kit, you have a personal cosmetics package in suite, which perfectly suits for sleeping preparation. Even more personal amenities Emirates provides in a lavatory, which we would later mention. By the way, amenity kit in Emirates First Class is amazing! It provides a leather cosmetic bag, inside which you can find everything needed, from dental kit to body lotions and perfume that are from Bulgari!

It was already time to fly and for the take off period flight attendants offered us menu to choice dinner options.

2.2. Meal service

We started the trip with our favourite Don Perignon champagne and decided to continue, accompanying it by small canapés, which were samples of duck, prawn and cheese. For the starter both of us took caviar, which was traditionally served with blini, sour cream, lemon, egg and onion.

For the second starter one of us chose cold-smoked ocean trout and the other one took antipasti to share. Main courses we also chose different, one was lamb and the other salmon. All the ordered dishes were super fresh and cooked in a perfect way, both meat and fish were juicy and tasty.

And we still had some place for dessert, as we knew it should have been perfect. We took two different for tasting, one of them was date pudding, accompained by dessert wine and the other one cheesecake with Irish cream liquor as a dijestif.

Full and happy we were ready to sleep, enjoying Emirates famous “starry sky” and went to lavatory for sleep preparation, while the cabin crew were preparing our beds.

2.3. Lavatory

Emirates Boeing 777-300 lavatory is not big, but it is very well equipped. There are fresh flowers, as in every suite and many different amenities, such as cotton towels, dental kits, shaving kits, combs and even Bulgari perfumes.

2.4. Bed time

We came back from the lavatory and our beds were ready. We had a couple of hours to sleep, so we did not waste time, close the doors and immediately fell asleep on that super comfortable beds inside our suites.

3. General impression

The flight was perfect! Let’s don’t take into account the lounge in Bali Airport, as it was not the Emirates lounge in a hub airport. Everything about the Emirates service was great. Welcoming procedures on board showed us incredible Emirates hospitality and made us feel precious guests. All the dinner courses were delicious and stuff behaved very friendly. We got lots of conveniences and amenities that made our experience unique!

Emirates First Class flight made our way back from Bali unforgettable! We wish you try this one day and enjoy the luxury comfort in the sky!

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