Review of Air France First Class A380 Paris – Miami

Air France
Paris, France (CDG) – Miami, USA (MIA)

Flight number: AF90
Aircraft: Airbus A380-800
Departure: 10:10 am (local time)
Arrival 2:10 pm (local time)
Duration: 9h 40min
Seats: (First Class)

“First Class from the Past”

One day we had a long trip from Europe to US on board of Air France First Class cabin in Airbus A380, which left us so different feelings that we can not decide if we like it or not.

This experience had a lot of super cool things that we have never met before in First Class flights (talking only about our own experience) and some moments which we did not understand.

1. Airport time

You know what? We did not have the airport time, what was the first surprising thing for us, positively surprising! We had a transfer flight to Paris, which had a big delay and we landed right the time, our Air France flight to Miami should have been leaving.

By the time of Paris flight landing, we had already calmed down ourselves that we had no chance to fly that day and should go by the next flight. When we arrived to a plane parking place, door opened and there were two Air France workers with our names written on tablet. In one second they told us – “We delayed the flight for 10 minutes and we can try to catch it with you” and run. It was a man and woman, firstly the man started running and right after the woman with high heels followed him. Immediately we followed them, went down, sat in a car, which moved us to a second place, where our passports were checked in a few seconds and another car took us and moved to the Air France plane. Everything happened in 5 minutes! They met us, did a passport control and put us in another aircraft, just informed that our luggage can come only the next day.

We were really shocked by the service they did for us! That moment we had a mind that this should be the best First Class service, but unfortunately, we did not have the same level service on board later.

2. Flight time

We came on board and one of the flight attendants immediately welcomed us and asked for a welcome drink. We went for champagne, which was accompained by bad nuts. It was not bad itself, it was just tasted, as the nuts were left without a package for a long time. But to be honest, we were so impressed by a transfer service and happy that we did not need to wait one more day for flight that did not pay attention to not tasty nuts.

Right after champagne we got our amenity kits, pyjamas and menu for lunch and the aircraft was ready for take off.

2.1. Cabin tour

After the take off we had some time before the meal service and decided to see all the cabin details, as we came right before the take off and did not have a chance to meet the aircraft cabin of First Class before.

First of all, we noticed that it was super spacious! There are 9 open suits, which all have privacy. Configuration of the cabin is so wise that despite the open concept of suits, passengers don’t see each other. There are so much space that you don’t feel like in a plane, you can walk around enjoy the time. By the way, there were only two more passengers in front, which we did not even see. There are also extra belts on the footrest, in case you want to eat sitting in front of each other, as the space allows you doing so.

What we did not like is that the cabin was super old, not only design, but also the quality of furniture and IFE, for example. What came to our mind first, was the thought if it is so difficult to renovate the cabin, as tickets are so expensive fo Air France First Class and they could quickly pay off all the expenses.

Every seat is pretty big, as we already mentioned. It basically provides a storage, which is located in the footrest, IFE, which is stowed near the arm rest together with its remote control and headphones, some magazines and basically that was it.

As we understood, there are no personal storages with a locker or something, you can give your jacket to flight attendant to be stored somewhere (what we did). In the footrest storage you have a blanket and slippers.

In the cabin there were two lavatories and two changing rooms, which were good, but a bit old and it provided many amenities, which we did not met before, such as moisturising gel and lotion, body and hair oil. There were also dental kits, which were located only in changing rooms, so you need to take it to the lavatory to use, which was a little strange.

Amenity kits were the same for men and women, just different colour of cosmetic bag. Inside we had some creams, lip balm, comb, pen and earplugs.

2.2. Meal time

Soon we were asked about the choice for dinner. There were no cocktails in menu and we were not offered any amuse bouche, what we noticed first. We chose caviar as appetiser, which was not served in a traditional way with toast, lemon, sour cream, blini, chopped egg and onion. We got small plates with caviar and something like a small canape.

What we also did not like was that service was not really organised…we were offered caviar then were waiting for bread and were waiting again for drinks. Later we were served starters, which one of us chose in French style – foie gras and the other one took scallops. Foie gras was good French starter, but scallops were poor cooked, to be honest, we decided to skip it.

One of us took a soup as a second starter and another one chose green salad. Unfortunately both the soup and salad were bitter, so we skipped it also and asked for main courses. One of them was with prawns and it was really good, but another one with chicken was so so, not bad, but not really good.

For dessert we chose a cheese plate and apricot pie, but it was also not really tasty. It was ok, because having a big flight experience, we have never met super delicious desserts and cheeses on board. We just wanted to try it and has as an addition to dessert wine or coffee liquor, which they did not have and we went for coffee. Our cappuccino were served with dark chocolate samples, which were not bad.

We can not say that we really liked the lunch, but we were not hungry anymore. We were full, but at the same time not really satisfied with the meal. But as we got only lunch menu, we hoped that for the second meal we could have something different. We asked the cabin crew to prepare beds and went changing.

2.3. Bed time

Beds were fluffy and comfortable, despite the fact it was not really wide. we chose a movie and fell asleep, asking to awake us for a meal before landing.

We were awaken, but there was no other menu, as we thought. It was really strange, to be honest…For ten hours flight they had only one meal choice prepared. For the second meal all the passengers were offered three options from the lunch menu, which passengers could order any time during the flight. It was Cesar salad, fried eggplant and fruit salad. One of us tried this menu, disappointed a little bit, asked for dessert and was offered something from the previous meal.

As we woke up prior to landing, almost right after the meal service we started descending in Miami. Landed there we were again met by Air France worker which took us for fast passport control, confirmed the left baggage, helped us to fill the form on baggage reclaim station and directed to entrance.

3. Overall opinion

We liked the flight in general, as we really liked the size of the cabin. We were walking there and communicating with each other, like in some room on the ground! Everything was comfortable, but very old, which pays your attention once and you always see new and new details “from the past”.

We liked being almost the only passengers on board, but did not like the service on board. One of the flight attendants was super friendly and helpful, but the others were not really.

We did not like the food much, but its our personal opinion, based on our taste. To our mind, the problem was not only in cooking method, but mostly in choice.

We are satisfied with the flight, as we came to Miami fresh after such comfortable flight and happy that Air France service helped us to catch the flight!

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