Sky Shuttle Helicopter Hong Kong – Macau

“The best spontaneous decision”

Have you ever tried a helicopter ride as a regular transport from one city to another? One day we joined local Asian businessmen and try this luxury transportation from Hong Kong to Macau, which are by the way, only one hour was by ferry.

To be honest, for us this trip was organised spontaneously. We had plans for these both cities and when started searching information about it, found out a helicopter shuttle, which just in 15 minutes transfer you from one place to another. We did not think even for a minute! We decided to try it simultaneously!

We checked all the information, which found online about that flight (which is very few), in advance. We knew about the lounge for helicopter passengers and came to port earlier to check it also.

1. Helicopter lounge

Before entering the lounge you pass by a quick luggage and give your passports for check-in. It takes just a couple of minutes and then stuff kindly asked you to enter the lounge.

The lounge was really big, and had all the conveniences that are usually provided in Business Class lounges in airports. Taking into account the fact that helicopter full capacity is 12 people, the lounge space is even bigger than enough! There are several relax zones with various sofas and chairs, computer zone with computers in a free use, charging station for different devices, buffet with wide variety of drinks and snacks, which is not even necessary, as the flight is only 15 minutes long!

There are also restrooms, which have nothing special inside, but it’s new and clean, which is cool.

We spent about 30 minutes in the lounge, drank coffee with local desserts and when the time came closer to boarding, two more passengers joined us there. About five minutes before the boarding all the TV screens started showing safety instructions and after its finish we were directed to our luxury transport.

1.2. Flight time

If you have never flight by helicopter, you would probably become a bit afraid of its sound! It looks absolutely fascinating! You enter it by control of a special person, who check if you put a safety belt correctly.There is no time for take off permission waiting, it takes off, as soon as everybody seat on their places with fasten seat belts.

You immediately goes up right near skyscrapers from one side and water from the other. It makes you able to see all the beauty of Hong Kong world financial centre, its hundreds of super high constructions, and of course Hong Kong green nature from one side and later many ships and ferries in the sea between Hong Kong and Macau, great long Macau bridges and of corse all the luxury Macau hotels with its casinos at the bird’s eye view. The flight is very fast, for real and we tried to enjoy its every minute!

You land near the airport, in Macau port, where quickly pass by passport control and ready to enjoy “Chinese Las Vegas”!

2. Overview

We liked this experience a lot! Despite its short length, it gives you so many new emotions and feelings that it easily can be referred to Business Class flights with high quality airlines.

The thing is there are no more such sky shuttles in the world, at least we haven’t find. There are many helicopter rides in various places, but it doesn’t work as a transport for people, who need quickly reach the neighbour city.

Anyway, we wish you some day repeat our experience and fully enjoy this incredible journey!

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