Lufthansa Business Class A320 Munich – Paris + First Class Lounge in Munich

Munich, Germany (MUC) – Paris, France (CDG)

Flight number: LH2226
Aircraft: Airbus A320
Departure: 6:45 am (local time)
Arrival: 8:00 am (local time)
Duration: 1h 15min
Seats: (Business Class)

“Unexpected pleasure”

One day we had Lufthansa First Class experience and this short flight from Munich to Paris was a part of it as transfer one. But as our First CLass journey was already finished, we thought that we were not allowed to visit Lufthansa First Class Lounge. We had time and went to its reception just to ask, where the lounge worker directed us inside.

2. Lounge time

We are frequent travellers, but it was the best First Class lounge in our memory! The space was ambiguous with different relax zones, both open and private. All the small tables were served with various cold or soft drinks and suitable snacks to it. There were a big candy bar, buffet with a wide variety of breakfast dishes, such as fresh pastry, fruits, berries, smoothies and freshes, cheeses, meet and fish in cold appetisers, hot breakfast meals and deserts. There were a tea station, where you can smell the samples and choose your tea of the day, a la cart restaurant, where you can also have meal.

Moreover, that lounge provided personal working rooms with computers, sleeping rooms and even work out room!

There were not only huge well-designed restrooms, but also real SPA rooms with bath and shower and all necessary amenities provided.

We absolutely fell in love with that lounge and almost forgot about the upcoming flight! But that was the time already.

2. Flight time

Lufthansa Business Class on board of A320 is not the most comfortable one, as it does not provide wide chairs. It is a usual practice of many European airlines, when there are no special seats for Business Class passengers and they just block the middle seat in the first rows.

For such short flights it is absolutely ok, in our opinion, as Lufthansa anyway provides a high quality, especially in terms of service.

Our flight was just an hour long, so as soon as we took of, the cabin crew started a meal service. What we always like with Lufthansa is their food. Both in lounges and aircraft, food is fresh and perfectly cooked. We also like that Lufthansa does not provide a hot meal for such short flights, as many companies do. It gives you a choice by serving a plate with various cold appetisers, from which you can find what you like for sure!

In our breakfast with Lufthansa Business the time we had yoghurt with cereal, croissant with butter and jam, fresh fruits, cheeses and bacon.

We enjoyed our breakfast, drank a cup of coffee and already started descending. That we call a pleasant flight!

We love Lufthansa flights in its different Classes and highly recommend choosing this company for your journeys!

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