Thai Airways Business Class A330 Bangkok – Phuket

THAI Airways
Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International (BKK) – Phuket International (HKT)

Flight number: THA215
Aircraft: Airbus A330 (twin-jet)
Departure: 2:00 pm (local time)
Arrival 3:30 pm (local time)
Duration: 1h 30min
Distance: 495 mi
Seats: 15A, 15B (Business Class)

«Local Business»

Thai journey was started from Air Macau and its Business Class from Macau to Bangkok and continued with Thai Airways by flight to Phuket. Actually, Thai Air ways is a big national airline of Thailand. Its home base airport is exactly Suvarnabhumi, where we stated the trip.

The airport is very big, but domestic terminal, which we needed, is not like that. It is much more convenient in terms of internal distances. Our check in was really fast, as we were the only passengers in the line for Business Class check in desk. The pleasant thing is that we skipped the migration procedure, as we made it before in Bangkok and continued with this local flight without crossing the border. So, we went directly to lounge.

1. The most pet-friendly lounge

The company THAI Airways provides its own lounge, which is called «Royal Orchid Lounge». It is big enough for domestic terminal, but not that big in the choice of food and beverages. The lounge was overcrowded, when we came there and became almost free of passengers in 30-40 minutes.

We would not say that it is very comfortable, but it is let’s say OK. Good enough to spend an hour before the flight, which is fair, as the terminal is domestic. There are a plenty of seats with small tables and a small buffet and a computer zone in a free use. There actually two zones, one of which has a buffet and the other one provides just a coffee station.

The one with buffet was really overcrowded, but as we understood, not everybody notice the second zone, as it is located after a corridor behind restrooms. Buffet in the first zone provided a couple types of pastry, some fruits and vegetables, small sandwiches and sweets, national Dim Sum dishes and a bit of main dishes. The lounge provides various soft drinks, but no alcohol.

The other zone, which is called «Garden» was more spacious and bright. It does not provide any food and there are less people, what is more comfortable. We moved to this zone, as soon, as noticed it. The room had a few passengers in there, but also it was open for small birds, which had a lunch from somebody’s unfinished plate.

The thing, which always does not attract any attention, surprised us. Usually, we like in restrooms the availability of clean shower, but here is another story. That lounge does not provide a shower, what is absolutely ok for domestic terminal lounge, but the design of the restrooms was very good. Rooms were specious and perfectly designed, it even had fresh flowers, including orchids, everywhere.

We spent about hour and a half in the lounge, as we have not been in Bangkok domestic terminal before and came earlier in case of big lines. The boarding started without any delays, but it was a bit disorganised. There were two lines, but no signs, which one is for Business passengers and which is for Economy Class.

2. Big does not always mean Good

The aircraft that THAI Airways provide for that short domestic flight is good enough, it is Airbus A330, which has 2-2-2 in 6 rows.

Seats are pretty comfortable, not only for short distances, but also for more longer ones. It is wide and puffy, providing a lot of space for legs. It is not the best for very long flights, when you would like to sleep a night, as it does not have 180 degrees incline, but it is perfect for having a couple hours nap. Moreover, seats provide all the necessary entertainment and amenities. You have a TV screen with remote control and headphones, various magazines, and small, but important – the charger thing. Obviously, for such long flights, the company does not provide any amenity kits, but it would have been more pleasant, if they had some creme and refreshing towels in the lavatory, at least. 

In our opinion, the Business Class salon is worthy, but a bit old and dirty. You can see on the photo with the charger thing that they do not care much about the clearness. The conclusion that we made, they do not care much about the whole service, as we have a couple of other examples from this flight. Firstly, when we came on board, the crew were offering hot towels to passengers, as it usually occurs in Business Class. We do not know why, but they decided to skip us and did not passed by us with the hand refreshment. The other thing that sticked to our eyes was the lack of smile and politeness from the crew. As we all are used to Asian super smiling and kind attention, we expect to have it on board for sure. This time, flight attendants behaved like we made them do their job, which was not pleasant. But probably we just had a chance to flight with that particular crew, which does local destinations and is not trained perfectly.

The take off was also on time, which is always pleasant. When we took off, the crew immediately started a meal service, as the flight is not long and they had to serve a big Business Class salon. To be honest, we did not like the meal at all. The way of serving was almost the same, as in Economy, flight attendants took food from the stroller and gave to passengers. It is not bad, as the flight is short, but the quality of food was poor. We wood prefer having small, but fresh and tasty appetisers, as for example Lufthansa serve on such small flights, rather than having a main dish, big in amount, but bad in taste.

The lavatory was already mentioned in previous paragraphs and there is no many words to add about it. A simple lavatory of a standard size for this type of aircraft. An interesting case with amenities, such as refreshing towels, creme and towelette water that often available on short flights. The first time we visited a lavatory, there were cotton towels and even a perfume, but the next time in maybe 20 minutes, there were nothing. The lavatory was clean, which is great.

The flight impression is good enough. We did not expect anything else from a short domestic flight with THAI Airways. We liked that the flight was operated by big aircraft, but were a bit disappointed with the service. Anyway, it did not spoil the overall opinion about the flight and the airline in general, as we think that it is another story with THAI Airways on long distances and international flights.

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