Turkish Airlines Economy Class Boeing 737-800 Istanbul – Chisinau

Turkish Airlines
Istanbul (IST) – Chisinau (KIV)

Flight number: TK271
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800 (twin-jet)
Departure: 7:55 pm (local time)
Arrival 8:30 pm (local time)
Duration: 1h 30min
Distance: 412 mi
Seats: 18E, 18F (Economy class)

“One of the favourite Economy Classes”

Our trip from Istanbul, its old airport, to Chisinau (Moldova) was operated by Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800. To be honest, we are in love with flight quality of this airline and had no reason to fly Business on such short distance. We knew that its Economy is super cool and more than enough for comfort 1 hour, when your goal is to move from point A to point B.

Even more honest, we like Turkish Airlines, both Business and Economy and its different length distances, but we haven’t travel its Economy for a long time. We remembered that before, for such distances they provided tasty hot sandwiches, which are more than suitable for short flights, when you are not really hungry during the flight. But this time we experiences Turkish Airlines improvements in Economy Class! Continue reading and see, if you are agree with our so positive feedback about the company.

1. Airport time

We started the trip in Istanbul old airport, which is always extremely overcrowded. There are people everywhere! You feel like visiting China! There are sitting/sleeping/eating people one every piece of the floor. But as you may know, there is a new airport which is step by step improving the situation of airport overload.

Travelling in Economy Class we did not have a lounge, so we had to find a place somewhere to sit. We tried a couple of cafes near the gate, but had no success and later found a a space a bit far away from the gate. It was not a problem for us, as we did not have a lot of time until the flight.

We came to the gate maybe 5 minutes after its beginning and maybe in 15 minutes were in the aircraft, as the transfer from the gate to the plane was organised by bus.

2. Flight time

When we entered the plane, we were really happy because it was super new. Our particular Boeing 737-800 with configuration 3-3 in 22,5 rows was probably one of fastest that Turkish Airlines have. It is always so pleasant to travel by new aircraft!

We easily found our places in the middle and started checking our seats, as the flight is only one hour long and we wanted to see a new aircraft in details.

So, every passenger in Turkish Economy Class has a leather soft seat with enough leg space, personal IFE – TV screen and remote control for it, simple one-use earphones, provided by airline and a standard package in the front seat pocket. The package consists of safety instructions card, airsickness bag and magazine. By the way, despite the short flight, we used out IFE, we played games. As the flight was to short to watch a full movie, we decided to remember teenager time and play some card games.

This time we had a delay and it was really tangible, as we came to our destination about an hour later. But we don’t know, either we were in a good mood and didn’t feel tired, or the atmosphere was not tense, the delay didn’t influence our positive flight impression.

2.1. Meal time

As soon as we reached the sky, a cabin crew started a meal service and we were really surprised by its size for such a short flight. As we already mentioned, we liked its tasty hot sandwich that was served in Economy before, but this time we liked the meal even more!

Every passenger got a package, which consisted of tomato&mozzarella sandwich, chicken Cesar salad and dessert. We were also offered both cold and hot drinks on our choice. Despite the size of the package for the short flight, what we liked is the availability of vegetarian food! As usually happens with many airlines in Economy Class, if you haven’t order a special meal in advance, you simply stay hungry, as all the options consist meat. Bravo to Turkish Airlines for its tolerance and care!

2.2. Lavatory

Actually, there is no many words that can be said about airplane restrooms in Economy. It was a simple Economy Class lavatory of a typical size for this aircraft. It was new, but not really clean, as we checked it by the end of the flight, taking into account the fact of our flight full capacity in 135 Economy Class passengers.

3. Overall impression

As we told you from the beginning, we love the quality of Turkish Airlines and this flight just confirmed our opinion. We haven’t flight its Economy for a long time, using a Business option, so intuitively we went for a flight with expectation that its quality is still high. Combining all the parts of the flight: new aircraft, personal IFE, big meal package including vegetarian item, we can say that Turkish Airlines is a great airline which doesn’t stay on its position and improves more and more every day! We recommend you flying with Turkish Airlines and enjoy the travelling with them, as we do!

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