Review of Lufthansa First Class Boeing 747-800 Frankfurt – Hong Kong

Frankfurt, Germany (FRA) – Hong Kong (HKG)

Flight number: LH796
Aircraft: Boeing 747-800 (quad-jet)
Departure: 10:15 pm (local time)
Arrival 4:15 pm (local time)
Duration: 11h
Distance: 5,975 mi
Seats: 3A, 3D (First Class)

“Luxury in the sky with German quality”

“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort”

John Ruskin

From this quote of one English writer we want to start today’s report, as it perfectly describe our Lufthansa experience. We are absolutely happy to have it in our impressions bank!

1. Airport time

Our journey started in Frankfurt Airport and its incredible First Class lounge. It is a paradise for luxury lovers, but not in a bad context, only in a positive one. It provides you so many conveniences that you can just relax and feel like on holidays! You go to amazing a la carte restaurant for a dinner, than continue with Spa, where a bubbles bath is waiting for you. Finishing your hydrotherapy with ETRO cosmetics provided by Lufthansa lounge, you, refreshed, move to a bar to have a sip of digestif and already forget about the upcoming flight!

As you could see, we were overwhelmed already at the lounge, but this was only the start of the trip! We actually had not a lot of time in Lufthansa First Class lounge, as not to be too full and relaxed, we did not come to the airport early. Anyway, impressed by Lufthansa quality of service in the airport, we moved to our gate for boarding.

2. Flight time

Here the real journey begins! We quickly passed by the gate through priority corridor directly to our First Class cabin of Lufthansa Boeing 747-800. It has a configuration 1-2-1, where there are 3 single seats from both sides and 1 double seat in the middle, so it has 8 seats in total.

On the entrance of the aircraft we were met by a flight attendant, who directed us to our 3A and 3D seats and offered a glas of champagne with macadamia nuts. A bit later we put our hand luggage in personal lockers and went through all the welcome procedure and absolutely didn’t notice, how we reached time for take off.

The Enjoying our drinks, we got refreshing towels, met all the cabin crew, consisting of head flight attendant, the other flight attendant, cooker and a pilot. We were offered fresh newspapers and magazines and got menu for the upcoming dinner and later breakfast.

As soon as the captain reached the necessary altitude, we were offered a great amuse bouche, which perfectly completed our champagne.

2.1. Meal time

We decided to start a dinner with Caviar, which in Lufthansa First Class served in a traditional way: with lemon, chopped onion, egg, sour cream, tiny blini and fresh white bread toast. Also, for starter we took a plate of small appetisers, which consisted of Lobster Medallions, Asparagus and Papaya salad and Black Angus.

All the starters were delicious, especially caviar and lobster medallions! But this was only beginning of our dinner. As a main course we went for Sea Bass, which was perfectly cooked with Parsley Root Mousseline and Duet of Goose accompanied by Red Cabbage and Potato Dumpling.

And when time came to desserts, we were absolutely full, but decided to have a bite of it, as we love to try everything at first, then have an objective opinion. We took both types of desserts, which were perfect of course, but one of it (Coconut Soup) was more like a breakfast meal.

To our sweet finish of the meal we chose tea and one of us took a dessert wine to taste. In addition to hot drinks, Lufthansa First Class flight attendants also offer delicious Belgian chocolate, which you choose by yourself.

2.2. Bed time

After such awesome meal, it’s a right time for changing to pyjamas, checking our amenity kits and preparing for sleep in Lufthansa First Class Lavatory, which looks like a real SPA room.

Right after the dinner, cabin crew offered us to made a bed and we went for changing and refreshing before sleep. Lufthansa provides to First Class passengers slippers and a package of pyjama, which consist of long-sleeves sleeping shirt, scarf and pants. Also, every passenger has a cosmetic bag, which contains: eye mask, socks, shoehorn, dental kit, samples of cream and lip saver, hair brush and earplugs.

Moreover, in Lufthansa First Class Lavatory, which impress even by its size, you can find more amenities, such as thermal water, refreshing towels, make-up remover towels, shaving kits and moth water.

When you come to this lavatory, the first you catch your eye on, is a fresh rose flower, then you see a real window (with incredible views sometimes), then you pay attention on its size once again and absolutely fell in love with Lufthansa First Class!

When we came back, our beds were already prepared and water personal bottles changed. As in Lufthansa First Class you have many storage places, we put our clothes in the one, which is located under the footrest, just to have an easier access to it. Also we moved our personal things and small devises in a small storage just near the arm rest and played a movie for sleeping.

2.3. Morning on board

Two hours prior to the departure we were kindly awaken by flight attendants (they asked us about this option, making a bed in the evening) and offered a breakfast.

One of us decided to meet the morning sunrise with orange fresh and the other one went for a real breakfast, which consisted of Scrambled eggs with bacon, croissant with butter and jam, fresh fruits, berries and mango-passionfruit smoothie as a morning refreshing drink.

Actually, even if you are not hungry, you become so, as soon as the smell of freshly cooked pastry and fresh berries comes to the cabin.

2.4. Cabin tour

We left some time before landing to overview the First Class cabin conveniences, as the flight began in the evening and the lack of light makes shooting poor.

Each First Class seat from 8 available in Lufthansa Boeing 747-800 looks like a king arm chair with many possible adjustments for your personal comfort. It has various steps of recline, privacy wall, small torch for reading, footrest, which can be also adjusted by your own. You have a fluffy pillow and blanket (not taking into account real sleeping items for bed), many storage places, starting from the smallest near your head or arm in the seat, finishing with a big looker wardrobe, which is provided for every First Class passenger. You also have noise cancelling headphones inside the arm rest for IFE of your seat and water bottle place behind the arm rest, which is always refilled by flight attendants.

Just finished with cabin tour we were welcomed to our seats, as the pilot turned on the belt sign. We started landing in a perfect mood after such breathtaking flight, hoping to repeat this experience soon!

3. Overall impression.

As you could catch our feeling, reading the article, we are fully in love with this journey and Lufthansa First Class option. This trip is absolutely worthy from its first second to the last!

Flying with Lufthansa First Class you feel its real German quality, perfectly trained European hospitality and sensational comfort! We recommend everyone to try this experience and follow us to see more such incredible journeys!

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