Review of Aeroflot Economy Class Boeing 737-800 Moscow – Paris

Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Moscow (SVO) – Paris (CDG)

Flight number: SU2462
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800 (twin-jet)
Departure: 1:05 pm (local time)
Arrival: 3:00 pm (local time)
Duration: 4h 25min
Distance: 1,594 mi

“High quality Economy”

Our trip from Moscow to Paris was operated by the biggest Russian airline, which has a high reputation and de facto called a national airline. We are frequent passengers of this company, but we have more Business Class experience. This time we decided to check its Economy Class for medium distance flight.

1. Airport time

We came to the airport earlier, as you never know, how difficult the traffic in Moscow is. We made a check-in very quickly, as Sheremetyevo Airport has self-check-in stations. Being members of Alliance Sky Team Elite Plus, we had a permission for visiting a lounge even travelling in Economy Class.

Happy for not spending two hours near the gate, we moved to the nearest lounge, which we like a lot. This lounge is a relatively new one in Sheremetyevo Airport and it is perfectly equipped both in terms of sitting comfort and dining.

The lounge is called “Moscow” and it is a bit crowded always, which is not surprisingly, as we already mentioned its advantages. It has a dining area with wide variety of snacks and main courses, which are served depending on the meal time (breakfast or lunch/dinner) and relax zone, which consist of chairs with small tables, where you can have a rest, have a sip of drink or even work with a computer.

What we liked in this lounge and to be honest, have never met before, is a steamer in restrooms. It’s so convenient to have an ability to iron your clothes during the transfer time!

2. Flight time

We perfectly spent our left time in lounge and moved to our gate for boarding. Before this company had many complains about boarding delays and were called as not punctual airline, but soon it improved the procedure and during the last year we had all the flights (we had many, operated by Aeroflot) on time.

Our flight was on board of Boeing 737-800, which has a configuration of Economy Class 3-3 in 23 rows. We had our seats from the right side in the back, as you enter the aircraft.

Seats are pretty comfortable and have enough leg space, moreover, this particular aircraft was relatively new, so everything inside was nice and clean. For such medium distances very passenger in Economy Class has a blanket on the seat and a standard package, containing a safety instructions card, airsickness bag and a couple of magazines as entertainment.

This time, Aeroflot was also on time, even 5 minutes earlier we left the gate to runaway. We took off and a cabin crew started meal service.

2.1 Meal time

For this four and a half hour flight we were offered a hot meal, which had two options: pasta bolognese and chicken with garnish. Not taking into account the fact that one of us, being a vegetarian, did not eat, as both dishes contained meat, the food was good (we don’t discuss a lack of vegetarian option, as you can order it online in advance). There are companies, which even in Economy Class provide a choice of meat dish and not, or have a standard package, where either starter or main course is vegetarian. Aeroflot is one of such tolerate airlines and this flight provided a salad, as a vegetarian option. It is absolutely ok, as if you care a lot about food, you can order it at least 24 hours before the flight.

Anyway, we took both options for the other one of us to try and value. Both dishes were well prepared and fresh. Each meal package consisted from salad, two types of bread, butter and jam, main course and a gingerbread for dessert. To say the truth, both of us stayed satisfied with a meal.

2.2 Lavatory

The lavatory was the smallest one, we have ever met before in such aircraft, but it was so new and looked clean that we liked it too.

3. Overview.

The overall impression about the flight is great. To be honest, travelling 90% time in Business Class, it is difficult sometimes even to think about 4,5 hours flight in Economy Class. Aeroflot did the best! Discussing this particular flight, we had on the route from Moscow to Paris on board of new B738, we can conduct that Aeroflot Economy class has a very high quality.

All the members of the cabin crew were friendly and helpful, smiling all the time. Seats were pretty comfortable and food was good, even for vegetarian.

After this flight we made a decision that sometimes we can travel not only Aeroflot Business, but also its excellent Economy!

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