Review of Air Macau Business Class A319 Macao – Bangkok

Air Macau
Macao (MFM) – Bangkok (BKK)

Flight number: NX886
Aircraft: Airbus A319 (twin-jet)
Departure: 7:40 am (local time)
Arrival 9:10 am (local time)
Duration: 2h 30min
Distance: 1,166 mi
Seats: 3A, 3C (Business Class)

“Air Macau Adventure”

Visiting Macau, you are fascinated by its atmosphere. You simply don’t understand, how two cultures, European Portuguese and Asian Chinese can be combined on one tiny piece of land.

Inspired by this phenomenon, we decided to try its national airline – Macau Air. In a few words we can call this experience as “the most European company of Asia”.

1. Airport time

Our registration for the flight to Bangkok was really fast and we were so happy, as when we just entered the airport, we saw a huge line for Air Macau Economy Class check-in. After a few seconds we noticed our priority check-in desk with logo Air Macau carpet for Business Class passengers and passed by the station very quickly.

After fast registration we moved to the lounge, which is of course, Macau Air owned one, as it is their hub airport.

1.2. Air Macau Business Lounge

As we have an early flight, we were came to the airport early morning and decided to grab some food for breakfast. To be honest, we were not sure, which type of food we would have on board, as it can be specific Chinese type, depending on the airline’s origin.

Lounge was almost free of people, which is obviously because of the same reason – early morning. It has a big sitting area with similar chairs, armchairs and small tables for dining. It also has a buffet, which provides both Asian and European style cuisine, which can be because of two cultures combination in the country or simply because of the company’s tolerance. As it was a breakfast time, a meal choice consisted mostly from fresh pastry, various cereal, yoghurts, fruits and vegetables, but it also provided some hot meals.

The item, which remind us that the lounge is provided by Chinese airlines company, was a massage chair. We’ve met such massage places in many Asian lounges, but we’ve never used it, to be honest.

Restroom in this lounge was as simply as possible. A standard airport toilet, which was just located inside the lounge. It does not provide a shower, despite the international terminal.

2. Flight time

Our flight with Air Macau was operated by its Airbus A319, which in Business Class has configuration 2-2 in 4 rows. Seats were actually pretty comfortable, as it is wide and soft, moreover, the company provides super cool blankets and pillows for Business passengers. It is not like usual fleece blankets, which often stick to you because of the dry air in salon, it was a kind of woollen one.

When we enterred the aircraft, a flight attendant offered us hot refreshment towels and a standard choice of welcome drinks, which contained water, orange juice and champagne. As it was a morning time, we went for still water and juice. By the way, service-wise, we liked the company a lot. All the stuff was really friendly and helpful!

In about 10 minutes, our captain got a take off permission and we moved to runaway. It is always pleasant not to have a delay, especially when flights are not for long distances and you already have plans in destination city.

2.1. Meal service

When we reached the necessary altitude, cabin crew started a meal service. They did not hand out personal menus to Business Class passengers, but passed by everyone and asked two choose a main course from two available options. One of the options was Asian – chicken noodles and the other one was European – omelette with potato toast, ham and vegetables on the side. As we were together, we decided to try both.

To say the truth, when we did not get a personal menu list, we did not expect well prepared food for breakfast, but we were mistaken! For the meal we’ve got our main courses with different appetisers for every taste. Moreover, all the food, both Asian and European options we very delicious.

The choice of appetisers consisted of fresh bread with butter and jam, beans salad, yoghurt and fresh fruits. We stayed absolutely satisfied with our breakfast. After a meal a flight attendant also brought us personal water bottles, which is so convenient!

2.2. Lavatory

By the lavatory we’ve got that the aircraft is not very new, as its sink was overused, but at the same time, it was clean, which is more important, in our opinion.

There were also a toilet perfume and hand lotion, which are not always provided by companies in Business Class salons.

3. Overall impression

To sum up all the mentioned parts of our Macau Air journey, we can say that the experience was worthy. We’ve actually got, what we wanted, but even more than expected. To our mind Air Macau is a great combination of Asian hospitality and European quality. We like its service a lot, as it perfectly adjusted for passengers with different cultural backgrounds. Thank you, the national company of “Chinese Las Vegas”!

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