Review of Lufthansa Business Class A320 Paris – Munich

Paris (CDG) – Munich (MUC)

Flight number: LH2235
Aircraft: Airbus A320 (twin-jet)
Departure: 6:10 pm (local time)
Arrival 7:30 pm (local time)
Duration: 1h 20min
Distance: 506 mi
Seats: 4D, 4F (Business Class)

«Standard Lufthansa flight on the regular base»

We had a short flight from Paris (France) to Munich (Germany) with Lufthansa and once again proved its high quality and the same time a failure with Business Class comfort. 

1. Airport time spending 

Coming to Charles de Gaulle Airport, we did not expect a lot from the lounge, because we fully understand what it can be for the European destination flight. To be honest, the lounge was pretty good for its conveniences. It had a buffet with the choice of different type of food, starting from appetisers and salads, to soups, main dishes, fresh pastry and deserts. What we like in Lufthansa quality and determine its quality high, is the way they work. If they do something, they either do it perfectly, or simply don’t do. Describing food, we can mention that the food is always awesome with Lufthansa, even if the choice is not big, the quality is very perfect. 

As we already mentioned, the buffet was not big, but wisely organised. In the salad station there were no already prepared salads, but many available ingredients that you can combine, depending on your choice. For us, this is much better than to have a couple of specific salads. Moreover, various small appetisers and soup were also in availability, plus two different soups (the carrot one was very good for a vegetable one), main dishes, which were well prepared for the European style and very fresh pastry (quattro formaggi open pie we liked a lot). There was also a choice of deserts and both soft and alcohol drinks. 

The overall impression about the lounge room is good. It is small enough and a little bit crowded, but it is pretty good organised. One more thing that we liked about the room was the toilet. It is probably the first time we saw an automatic toilet seat cover. Obviously, it is not the necessary thing, but very pleasant, to be honest. It once again prove German quality. 

2. Flight time. 

The boarding was started about 10-15 minutes later, but it was not a big deal, as they did it pretty fast and we took off almost on time.

The only one thing that gives a minus to Lufthansa quality is their Business Class salon in aircrafts like that A320. This is what spoil its perfect service a little bit. Lufthansa does not provide wide comfortable seats for Business Class passengers in such aircrafts. Usually these aircrafts do short flights, like we had, but some airlines companies provide better seats, even in such not big airplanes.

Service-wise, Lufthansa is great as always. The food on board is also good and fresh, and what is pleasant, it is always perfectly served. The crew of our aircraft was very polite and helpful and the captain made all his best to reach the destination on time, despite the take off delay.    

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