Review of Emirates First Class Boeing 777-300 Moscow – Dubai

Moscow (DME) – Dubai (DXB)

Flight number: EK134
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300 (twin-jet)
Departure: 5:10 pm (local time)
Arrival 11:10 pm (local time)
Duration: 5h
Distance: 2,372 mi
Seats: 1A, 2A (First Class)

«Unforgettable experience»

There are some things in our life that stick at your memory forever. Usually these things are related to events or experiences, which give us a bunch of emotions. Our flight with Emirates became one of such moments.

The journey was started an hour before Domodedovo International Airport, where Arabic company Emirates has its regular five hours flight to Dubai. It was started in the centre of Moscow, where the Emirates complimentary Chauffeur-drive service took us for a ride to the airport. And yes, this was a real compliment from the airline company, which is offered to all First and Business class passengers. Personal driver with a business class car can take you to the airport and back home, when you arrive from the trip.

1. Airport navigation.

Domodedovo Airport is one of the three biggest airports in Moscow, and it is the second busiest airport in Russia. This airport is the only fully privately owned airport in Russia nowadays. Its construction is pretty big, but very wise and convenient. The work of this airport is in charge of automised system. All the fields of the airport is managed by computers and controlled by experienced specialists. This airport is being under construction now. Not the general part, but the new objects that will provide relaxation and entertainment zones, huge parking lot and even a shopping centre. Even now, the airport has a big department, which is in charge of onboard dining. It prepares food for all the flights departing from Moscow. The food department of Domodedovo offers two options for all the companies they serve. One of the options is to choose from available menu sets prepared by the local chef, and the other is to design its own menu and give it to Domodedovo dining department with all the description and products list to be prepared for their flights (as Emirates does, for example). The menu for Emirates flights was created by one chef from Dubai and now is being prepared by the airport food department.

Inside navigation of the airport is pretty simple. It is big enough, but clearly described on many billboards, what really save your time and gives you no chance to be lost. What also very convenient, is that many big airline companies have its constant registration desks, which are usually in a big quantity. It makes the process of registration faster and easier. Emirates also has it, moreover they are divided into groups by class of the flight (Economy, Business, First). To be honest, by the time of our registration there was no line at any of the class group.

2. «No name» lounge.

Right after registration we crossed the border in the special place, which serves diplomatic and high class (First, Business) passengers. It was also really fast, as there are usually very few people. 

Finished with all the custom procedures, we went to the lounge, the on that is provided for Emirates passenger and also passengers of many big companies, such as Qatar, Singapore Airlines, Shri Lanka Airlines and others. This particular lounge has no name, which could distinguish it from others, it is called just Airport Business Lounge. 

Actually, the lounge is good enough, as it is pretty big and based on our experience, there are usually no people, meaning even less than 1/3 of the possible occupancy. There are two main rooms, one of which is right near the entrance and looks more like the place for work and reading, and the second one is a bit further and has similar armchairs for comfortable stay. The second room is much more bigger and has a lot of sitting places, which are the same, but some of them have small constructions, making them more private.

This lounge provides various food, which is not a surprise, as it welcome passengers before long flights. It offers small snacks, both healthy and not, sweet or salty. It provides different types of breakfast, including yoghurts, musli, cereal, sandwiches and pastry. The lounge has the range of main courses, as well (salads, meat, chicken, various sides and even soups). What is important, the lounge has also Halal food that is essential for many visitors.

No questions to the drinks assortment, as it is big enough. It includes all the possible soft drinks (water, juices, many types of soda and others), big variety of alcohol drinks, starting from several types of beer and wine, to more strong ones. 

As we already mentioned, the lounge is very convenient and has everything required. Except relax zone and dining area, it also provides children playing room ( unfortunatelly, with no babysitter), working space with computers in a free access and shower in the restrooms.

We had no need in shower, but it was free of line, as all the other facilities in the lounge. To be host, we neither try any food, nor the drinks, just not to be full for onboard dining. We were excited to try Emirates offers, which are starts from our favourite Dom Perignon champagne, as a welcome drink.

3. Amazing experience.

After half an hour in lounge we were kindly asked to go for boarding, which took place not  really far from that lounge. The boarding was started on time and passed very fast for the First class passengers especially. From the first steps entering the aircraft, you feel the lovely atmosphere and the best Arabian hospitality. One of four flight attendants directed us to our suits, which were 1A and 2A and immediately welcomed us with a hot towel and a glass of champagne.

Configuration of the First class salon in Emirates Boeing 777-300 is 1-2-1. There were six passengers (including us), from eight possible and four flight attendants, who took care of us during the flight. 

3.1. Suit tour

Every First class passenger has its own «home» for these five hours. It is absolutely private cabin that has more than everything needed for such period of time. We called it a personal home, as it is a real room with a big comfortable seat that can be made to 180’ bed, your personal lightening, air conditioning and windows systems, which you control by yourself, personal mini bar, TV screen with many entertainment included and even a massage system, which you can control from one of the provided devices.

Let’s start from the very beginning, from the suit entrance. Doors of your suit can be managed both by one of the buttons on the arm rest and a small touch screen from your other side. The other small buttons from one side of the seat can help you to move the seat to a take off/landing/dining/bed positions. A small touch screen from the other side navigates you to the light control system, seat massage system or to some TV screen operations. Also, right under this touch screen, every passenger has a button of additional light and a flight attendant call. Passengers, who has a windows seat (like we) also have there buttons of windows control, which can be opend/closed by small buttons on every window, as well.

When it is clear with your suit «comfort» control, we move to the front space, which includes TV screen, personal sleeping amenities, snack basket, personal mini bar and your personal writing kit. As it was already mentioned, your entertainment screen can be managed by different devices. First of all, it has its own remote controller, which is located in one of the arm rest (and the slot for noice cancellation headphones, provided by Emirates, is right under this remote control). This control panel has two sides and works as a manager for TV, other screen entertainment (including airlines information, wi-fi access, flight information, all the media provided and games provided by the company). For playing games it is better to use the second side of the remote control, as it has a type of joystick, which is convenient for that type of entertainment. The second way to control the screen is that small touch screen near your arm rest, which was also mentioned before.

The writing kit is complimentary and you can use it for any purposes. It has a good office-style design and a great quality.  

The sleeping amenities is a complex of interesting cosmetic items that we, to be honest, did not meet before. It is located in the «half circle mirror, which has small lightenings. These cosmetic items are the ones that you probably will not look for in the shops. It includes a facial towelette to clean your face before the sleep, a facial toner to sanitise the face and not to get any rednesses, as it usually occur after long flights, sleep oil, which you can apply to your skin and have a fast falling asleep and even a pillow mist, which has the same action, but you apply it to your pillow, in case you don’t want your skin to smell. The interesting thing is that for the flight we got sleepers, sleeping amenities, but NO pyjamas and amenity kits…

The food basket and personal mini bar are these conveniences of life, or in this particular case, conveniences of flight, which you probably don’t use, but its existence is very pleasant. Emirates provides such rich variety of dishes (the menu would be listed a bit later), that you simply have no place in your stomach to try any of these snacks. The crew also cares about your drinks offering and it is a wide variety of both soft and alcohol drinks, so you don’t even want to open a Pepsi light, for example. It maybe convenient to have a bottle of water right when you wake up, but the same way you can have it either from the bar (later in review), or from a flight attendant, who will bring it to you immediately. The one thing that was unusual, but very pleasant for us, was a box of vitamins with dehydration effect. Everybody knows that our body holds too much water inside it because of the pressure drops during the flight. And to say more about the assortment of the bar and food basket, there you can find Pepsi, still water, juice, glass, sparkling water, 7up and Pepsi light, and snacks are: raw nuts, sweet pop corn, chilli chips, caramel candies, white chocolate, mint candies and vitamins.

3.2. Dinner time

Lets start the meal presentation from its oral description – the menu (you get it even before the take of, to have time for making a decision). As soon as you take off, the crew serves you warm nuts and appetiser drink, which you choose to enjoy the waiting period. Our choice included Dom Perignon 2009 champagne and Aperol Spritz respectively. You also has a wine list, which gives you variety of good additions to the meal.

As you could guess, as a starter both of us took caviar, as a symbol of First Class flight and our favourite addition to champagne. Emirates serves the caviar with chopped onion (which in our opinion spoils the dish by its strong smell), grated egg, lemon&sour cream, toast&blini. To our mind, the best way to serve it is to offer caviar with a piece of dry bread and a bit butter, but anyway it was delicious.

Our second appetisers were different, mushroom soup and salmon tartare with prawns and cucumber salad, which were also a hundred percent delicious. What we liked is that even a piece of any dish was fresh.

For the main course we went for chicken with vegetables and cheese ravioli, the same way. As it was already mentioned about the freshness of all the food, we would also notice that even a chicken breast, which is usually dry, especially in the onboard meals, was very nice and juicy.

Before the dessert we also decided to try a cheese board, which was amazing! We were expecting a small samples of various cheeses, but got a bunch of different types of cheese, served in a pretty big amount.

And finally it’s time for sweets. We ordered two different desserts, honey cake and apple pie. Both of them were delicious and served with famous Godiva chocolate candies, as an addition to our hot drinks. 

We were full and happy, but still excited to try even more from the Emirates offerings. The last things that completed our meal, were the digestives. We chose a port wine and a famous aged Hennessy Paradis, again respectively. These drinks were a good finish points that makes our falling asleep easier.

While the flight attendant were preparing beds for us, we decided to visit the lavatory and prepare for a sleep, plus pass by the bar (was mentioned be described) and check its offers. In the bar you can see strong alcohol drinks, for which Emirates are famous, water bottles, and again small snacks boxes (nuts/candies).

3.3. Restroom

The lavatory is not big in this aircraft, but it has all the required amenities, starting from tooth paste with brushes, cremes, shaving kits and cotton towels, finishing with both men and women perfumes and even sanitary napkins for ladies, which we have not seen before. And what is very nice, the lavatory has the same fresh flower, as in every suit. And a big mirror, by the way.

3.4. Bed time and one more unique feature of Emirates.

To be easily distinguished from all the other airlines, in addition to super comfortable wide beds and full privacy in suits, Emirates created a view for the sleeping time. It created a starry sky, which is incredible and very extraordinary for a plane!

It is a real pleasure, not just a flight to a destination. You wake up absolutely relaxed, take   a sip of water and watch the lights of the city you land in.

The First Class passengers are offered to reach the airport by a small comfortable bus, designed in Emirates style as well. You can even regret about the end of the incredible journey! 

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